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  • "Our facility houses over 200 adults with intellectual and other disabilities; many of these individuals are also diagnosed with mental illness, seizure disorders and serious medical issues. We have used a variety of crisis management systems over the years until June of 2008 when Safety Care was implemented with our entire staff of over 1000. Since that time we have seen a sharp decrease in the number of restraints from an average above 30 per month to an average of six per month. An essential contributing factor to this decrease was embracing Safety Care as our crisis management system.”
    David D. Lanier, Ph.D. – Interim Psychology Director, Bluegrass Oakwood
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  • "Safety-Care trains staff in the basics of ABA principles such as functional analysis of challenging behavior, identification of antecedents and consequences, and differential reinforcement as methods for preventing or minimizing behavioral crises, and it does so without using confusing jargon. . Because the learning principles upon which it is based are universal, they can be used effectively with any of the individuals we served, regardless of what functional, cognitive, or communication challenges they face. Overall, we have found Safety-Care procedures to be safe, effective, and consistent with an approach that emphasizes crisis prevention rather than crisis management. "
    Paul A. Nau, Ph.D., - BCBA
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  • "Erin M did a great job with our re-Certification last week. She was very professional and she effectively built rapport in a very self-effacing manor, she created a very non-threatening atmosphere, her instruction and coaching consistently emphasized “errorless learning”, she effectively involved all of the class participants and used their experiences to give the discussion, the practice, and the role plays and very real world feel making skill transfer very probable."
    George A Thompson, PhD - General Manager, Milestone Healthcare
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  • "Maine School Administrative District 6 has had a very positive experience with the Safety-Care program offered by QBS. QBS trained all of our Special Education staff in Safety-Care, replacing the previous program that had some good points, but did not overall meet our needs. We were so pleased with Safety-Care that we took the additional step of having QBS train several of our staff as trainers. Thanks for developing such a great safety training course!"
    Jennifer Donlon - Co-Director of Special Education, Bonny Eagle School District
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  • "I am so excited to share that we just completed our first Safety-Care Behavioral training class in our district. I knew that your program was a high-quality when I was in the process of earning my certification to become a district trainer, but now after conducting this first training, I feel confident to say that even more!"
    Catherine Giles - Principal, Reading Public Schools
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  • “Beyond being extremely compatible with our applied behavior analytic approach to treatment, Safety-Care truly does provide the first evidence-based prevention and de-escalation system I’ve seen in a crisis prevention course.”  

    Dr. Terry Page - Clinical Director, Advoserv Inc.
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  • "I was approached in a...potentially hostile manner and find the safety shuffle to [be] very useful. We went in a few circles and realized we were going in circles and that was it!!!"

    Brad Beebe, Ph.D. - Director of Clinical Services, Bluegrass Oakwood Community Center
  • "I wanted to express my satisfaction and enthusiasm about your Safety-Care Behavioral Safety Training program! Road To Responsibility, Inc. adopted your system in 2012 because of the emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis and the systematic, evidence-based crisis-prevention/de-escalation strategies. These dovetailed well with the Positive Behavior Supports/ABA approach we use. It is one of the better decisions I have made…our Employees find the teaching approach very useful, it has helped to strengthen our overall behavioral training program and, most importantly, it has helped to reduce the need for physical interventions in our programs. Thank you!"
    Chris White, Ed.D. - President/CEO of Road To Responsibility, Inc.
  • "Your behavioral consulting expertise has brought the neuro-rehabilitative program I manage to a whole new level. Your Safety Care training and QTS, your behavioral data tracking system, have been instrumental in significant behavioral improvements in all of our residents, as well as the program itself.
    Kristen Kocot, M.A. - Kindred Park View Neurorehabilitation Program Director
  • "Dr. Lennox has provided Cadbury Commons exceptional inservice training, giving our employees the tools to effectively address the behavioral challenges seen in the Alzheimer’s disease process. His training and consultation have been a real benefit, allowing us to respond to various behaviors effectively, while maintaining the residents’s dignity. Giving, too, our employees a real understanding of dementia has aided in employee relationships with both resident and family member."
    Steven Ellsweig, Executive Director - Cadbury Commons
  • "At Guidewire, it is our mission to support individuals by helping them realize full and meaningful lives. Since our transition to Safety Care, we have seen a significant decline in emergency restraints across the Agency. This translates to a higher quality of life for the individuals and a more thorough, evidenced-based, and effective education for our staff members. Safety Care is a welcome partner in supporting individuals with dignity and respect."
    Guidewire, Inc. - February 2020
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