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Deep Dive into Trauma Informed Care

“As human beings, the most important factor for our survival has been supportive relationships” - Patricia Jennings (AFT 2019) In recent years, ‘Trauma Informed Care’ has become a ‘buzz phrase’ in the human services field, including the clinical practice of Applied...

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Three De-escalation Techniques in The Classroom

When addressing challenging behaviors and potential behavioral incidents, Safety-Care adopts a least to most restrictive approach. There is a great deal of focus first on the prevention of these incidents from occurring, then minimizing the intensity of incidents and...

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How ABA Techniques Impact Student Success

The study of Applied Behavior Analysis focuses on making effective and socially significant behavior changes. Practitioners and researchers in the field work on identifying behaviors to increase or decrease and the environmental circumstances that will help to make...

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A How-to: Creating Social Stories

What is a Social Story? Social Stories are a popular intervention strategy created by Carole Gray in 1989. They are used to teach children, adolescents, and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) different social situations by describing and explaining appropriate...

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The Good Behavior Game Article Review

If you work with groups of people, then you’re probably familiar with or actively using group contingencies. When supporting individuals in a group setting, minimizing disruptive behaviors and maximizing desirable behaviors is paramount to keeping things manageable....

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Teach to the Challenge

Educators, parents, and community members are consistently aiming to teach, support, and model, behavior for the children that they are around and work with.  The 2020-2021 school year primary challenge included virtual and hybrid learning models for the students,...

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Avoiding Power Struggles

Communicate respect and promote dignity. These positive interaction strategies are the foundations of Safety-Care® and encourage therapeutic rapport. We all know, in the field of human services, rapport is everything. Having rapport with fellow staff and individuals...

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