Safety-Care for Families

Safety-Care for Families is a training program for family members and other stakeholders working with behaviorally challenging individuals in a home or home-like setting.

This innovative course provides an adapted version of our Safety-Care curriculum, designed to provide parents, family members, and others with the skills and interventions needed to improve behavior and to prevent, minimize, and manage potentially dangerous incidents.

The Safety-Care for Families curriculum consists of four 2½ hour sessions. The first two are in larger lecture format and are intended for anyone who provides support in a home setting. The second two involve more physical skills and are trained in a smaller group for individualized instruction. Participants can be trained in as many of the sessions as are needed, but must be taken in order.

Any certified Safety-Care trainer can become a Safety-Care for Families trainer via a convenient online training. Find our training schedule and sign up for a SafetyCare for Families training at

Curriculum Content

Essential Skills Part 1

  • Collaboration with Professionals
  • Legal Issues and Responsibilities
  • Understanding Challenging Behavior
  • Supportive Environement
  • Safe Environment
  • Elbow Check
  • Safety Habits
  • Caregiver Behavior
  • Therapeutic Use of Reinforcement
  • Differential Reinforcement

Essential Skills Part 2

  • Antecedents to Challenging Behavior
  • Safety Stance
  • De-Escalation
  • Development of a Comprehensive Family Safety Plan

Advanced Skills Part 1

  • Use of Behavioral Momentum to Improve Cooperation
  • Protective Shuffle
  • Shoulder Check
  • Wrist Release
  • Stripping a Grab
  • Front Hair Pull Release
  • Front Choke Release
  • Bite Release
  • Complex Grab Situation

Advanced Skills Part 2

  • Safe Use of Physical Management
  • 1-Person Stability Hold
  • 2-Person Stability Hold
  • Floor Drop Transition
  • Forward Transport
  • Release
  • Recovery
  • Debriefing.

Training Costs

The organization may choose to charge a fee for training or provide training at no cost. Regardless, the organization must pay certain fees to QBS when Safety-Care for Families training is done. There is a fee for each certificate generated by QBS (specialist level 3 or 4) upon the completion of initial training or recertification training.