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Safety-Care® Trainer Training Infection Precautions

Updated 11/13/20

North America has experienced a pandemic of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). During the pandemic, QBS will run in-person trainings in accordance with local government requirements and also use the following guidelines.


During Training

We will conduct training in a manner that is intended to minimize the likelihood of infection. However, it is important to understand a couple of things:

If you are unable or unwilling to accept the risks of participation in this class, please speak with the Master Trainer privately. You can choose to skip (and be restricted on) any or all physical procedures during the class. As a Trainer, a restriction means that you are not certified to use or teach that procedure.

Training Procedures

We will use the following procedures during training:

  1. Trainees will be expected to complete an online pre-training class before an in-person core curriculum initial or recertification class. This will free up time for infection precautions.
  2. If this is a training at the QBS training center, we clean and disinfect training spaces daily. If another organization is hosting the training, we get affirmation from that organization that proper cleaning and disinfection have occurred in that room since any other activity.
  3. Frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizer (when available) are expected and encouraged among all participants.
  4. Trainees will be divided into groups of 2–4 partners. Each member of a grouping will only touch other members of that grouping (and the Master Trainer if necessary).
  5. One trainee will be asked to be the Master Trainer’s demonstration partner, who will only have contact with the Master Trainer. The Master Trainer will demonstrate physical procedures with their partner. If the Master Trainer has contact with anyone else, he or she will thoroughly wash or use hand sanitizer before again having contact with the demonstration partner.
  6. Training rooms will be arranged so that trainees stay at least 6 feet away from each other while seated. When moving around, trainees may have contact with their training partners and the Master Trainer. A trainee who is being certified in a procedure will need to accept that physical contact will happen with other members of the grouping and the Master Trainer.
  7. The Master Trainer will wash hands or use hand sanitizer between physical contact with one trainee and a trainee from any other grouping. Trainees will also wash hands or use sanitizer between instances of physical contact with the Master Trainer or other trainees.

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