Beyond Safety-Care: Quality Behavioral Competencies® for Better Coaching Skills

  • Innovative Self-Paced Training Course
  • Efficiently Improve Staff Behavioral Teaching Skills
  • All Techniques Based on Extensive Applied Research
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Enhance Your Staff’s Behavioral Teaching Skills

QBCs are not oriented towards crisis prevention like Safety-Care. Instead, QBS training provides a more general behavioral skills training for staff to ensure they are fluent in the necessary competencies.

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Teaching Replacement Behaviors: ABA Coach Training

  • Written in simple, easy-to-understand language, each training module is focused on a specific functional skill, such as reinforcement, therapeutic instruction, or behavioral momentum.

  • This 2-day Coach Training course prepares QBC Coaches to deliver the QBC program in either classroom, PSI (self-paced), or hybrid methods.

  • All QBCs are based on extensive research in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. These skills are valuable in improving staff effectiveness when working with specific populations, including special education, geriatrics, neurological injuries, psychiatric conditions, and developmental disabilities.

Efficient, Competency-Based Staff Training

We test competencies based on verbal and physical strategies used for de-escalation, incident prevention, incident minimization, and incident management. You will not become certified until you correctly demonstrate how to use our physical management skills to our Master Trainers.

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