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Avoiding Power Struggles

Communicate respect and promote dignity. These positive interaction strategies are the foundations of Safety-Care® and encourage therapeutic rapport. We all know, in the field of human services, rapport is everything. Having rapport with fellow staff and individuals...

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Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween can be a lot of fun, but with the costumes, decorations, new people, transitions, etc., it can be a difficult experience for a lot of individuals with autism and other disabilities. Here are some tips and tricks that might make your holiday go a bit more...

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BARS and Pizza

Do you love pizza? Who doesn’t love pizza? I love pizza. I love pizza so, so much. Such an incredible culinary invention. What about BARS? No, no. Not the type of bars you’re probably thinking of (…where everybody knows your name). I’m referring to behaviorally...

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The ABC’s of Applied Behavior Analysis

Before reading The ABC's of Applied Behavior Analysis, it is important that you are aware of two common questions in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis: What does the data show? And,  What has happened before that may be influencing the now?  It is also...

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Summer Fun, with Safety in Mind

  Summertime in most western countries around the world means vacation, school breaks, and enjoying longer days and warmer weather outside. The number of people traveling during this time of year is usually higher than in the colder months, as many of us try to...

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Defining Behaviors for Intervention

  Why Define Behavior A critical piece to every behavior plan or behavior intervention is the “target behavior”. In the majority of cases, this is the behavior of concern that the intervention is meant to decrease and it will often be paired with a functionally...

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