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Defining Behaviors for Intervention

  Why Define Behavior A critical piece to every behavior plan or behavior intervention is the “target behavior”. In the majority of cases, this is the behavior of concern that the intervention is meant to decrease and it will often be paired with a functionally...

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The Benefits of Teaching Leisure Skills

Leisure skill training is an important, yet, often overlooked area of development for the individuals we work with. Sometimes we believe that leisure engagement is not a skill we teach. This is a myth. Or we allow an individual to engage with an activity in a...

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Communicating Through Challenging Behaviors

We all know that the cry of an infant means they are communicating their wants and needs. Since the infant is not born with the knowledge or ability to speak, it engages in crying behavior to communicate. In reaching developmental milestones, infants learn new and...

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Is all Attention Really the Same?

Today, I wanted to highlight an article I read in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis that was published earlier this year by Harper and associates. The three studies in the article take a deeper look into three different types of attention (praise, physical...

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Helpful Hints for Changing Habits

Some Habit History Habits, habit behaviors, or habit disorders are often defined as repetitive, body-focused behaviors that serve no adaptive function and are often unwanted due to the stress or functional impairment they cause (Hansen, Tishelman, Hawking, &...

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