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Why I Love My Job!

September 21, 2018
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Each month, we interview our employees and learn why they love working for QBS. This month, we meet with Master Trainer, Cassie, and explore her reasons. 

  • Curriculum. The Safety-Care curriculum is taught and created by board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs).
  • Amazing team dynamic! As a Master Trainer, you are traveling on your own. However, the other trainers are only a text away – and they always get back quickly.
  • Dissemination of ABA. I get to train people with a wide variety of backgrounds. You end up learning a lot from the different people you train.
  • Travel. I have the opportunity to travel to places I thought I would never go to (Utah, Cincinnati, Detroit, San Jose, etc).
  • Explore. With each place I travel, I get to explore the area! I love photography and have found myself being very inspired by all the new areas.
  • Hiking/walking/fitness. I love to walk around the new cities and take pictures. I have been able to do more hiking (helps to stay fit and stress reliever). I enjoy taking different fitness classes, such as paddle board yoga and aerial yoga.
  • Lunch. One of my favorite parts of working at the office is that most of the staff eats lunch together (all departments). It is the first job in many years I was able to take a lunch break and eat with my co-workers.
  • Working on presentation skills. Not only am I working on my presentation skills by doing the different trainings, but I have the opportunity to present at different conferences. This includes conferences outside of behavior analysis (dissemination)!
  • Seeing friends and family. I’m able to see my family and friends outside of Massachusetts more often.
  • Stress level. One of my favorite parts of this job is my stress level is low; of course traveling can be stressful, but it’s a low stressor for me. Once you finish the training, then you are done for the day. I get to enjoy the rest of my day and not continue thinking about work.  There isn’t an endless list of work-related things to do.
  • Travel points. You are likely to reach status by gaining points on airlines or hotels! Making it easier to travel for fun or stay an extra day when traveling! Who doesn’t like status?

Do you want to love your job too? We might have a career for you! View our job openings here.

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