Trainer Connect System Issues- Resolved

QBS values your business and is committed to providing the best possible service. We have resolved the system issues which affected your experience with our portal.

New Interface Navigation Issues

We have reverted to the previous interface and brought back a sense of familiarity with the system.

Specialist Grading Process

The Specialist grading feature has been restored.
Specialists can be added either before or during the initial grading process.
Reporting for both Specialists and Trainers is now available.

Access to Specialist Certificates

This feature is now fully functional. Users can generate the Specialist Certificates on demand.

Trainer Connect Portal Walkthrough document

This document includes guidance for:

  • Logging and editing training.
  • Emailing and printing certificates and other compliance related questions

Training Entry into Trainer Connect

In accordance with our compliance standards, training entry requirements into the system had been extended. With the system restored, we are asking that all previous classes be entered before February 29th, 2024.
For all classes completed February 1st, 2024, or later, entry should occur within two (2) weeks of completion.

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