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How to Receive Feedback

Feedback is a common strategy for changing behavior in the workplace and when implemented correctly it can be very effective.  In fact, in some cases, specific feedback has proven to be more effective than monetary compensation.  Roscoe et al. (2013) compared the...

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Living the Puzzle – Christmas Edition

Watching Polar Express is a yearly tradition in my family; everyone’s favorite that doesn’t begin to annoy you after watching it 50 times.  It was on the other night and we popped the popcorn, marshmallow-ed the hot chocolate, and donned our...

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Mastering Public Speaking in 15 Steps

By Master Trainer Cledia Caberlon Public speaking comes up frequently in our personal and professional lives, from giving a toast at a wedding, to giving a presentation to co-workers or classmates. This task also comes with numerous benefits, such as influencing...

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3 Ways to Create a Safe Workplace Culture

By Master Trainer Beth Harlan Employees in any profession face some level of risk when performing their day-to-day job responsibilities. While risks may vary by severity, frequency, and type, all employers should make an effort to reduce or remove risks to their...

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How to Create Behavior Chains

When we talk about and practice the use of Differential Reinforcement (DR), one of the first steps is to pinpoint the desirable behavior (the behavior we want to see more of) that we’ll reinforce. In the beginning stages of this process, its typically best to start...

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Resources QBS Offers to Specialists and Trainers

Here at QBS we want to support our trainers and specialists as much as we can. Below is a collective list of different resources we provide for both trainers and specialists. Telephone Support/Email Support Call our office at (855) 727-6246 weekdays between 9am-5pm...

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Six Tips for Helping Kids Wear Face Masks

By Master Trainer Lisa LaMela I’m willing to bet you’ve heard, and thought about, and talked about “CDC recommendations” more in the last 5 months than in the last 3 (or 30?) years combined. If you’re like me, you’ve even lost a little sleep contemplating how to...

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