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Self-Care for Providers

Why Do We Need Self-Care? Whether we work as a Behavior Analyst, Counselor, Nurse, Correctional Officer, or the many other fields that require us to care for others as part of our job; we are routinely exposed to moments of stress, traumatic circumstances, or things...

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Training Safety-Care in the time of COVID-19

In previous years, Safety-Care was always trained in-person in its entirety. Now as organizations are in different stages of open/remote/hybrid, training can take other forms. It is important for trainers to understand all the options available for certifying their...

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Self-Monitoring: A How-To for Behavior Change

Self-monitoring, also sometimes referred to as self-observing or self-recording, is an effective tool for behavior change.  In simple terms, it’s the act of observing, measuring, and evaluating one’s own behavior.  Self-monitoring programs and strategies can take many...

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Pandemic Survival: Staying Safe, Active, & Productive

Okay, everyone, it’s time for me to come clean. In 2020, I spent way too much time on the old internet machine viewing others utilize their pandemic downtime to do awesome stuff like bake yummy artisan bread, knit clothing, create rad looking pottery, and get in peak...

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Get A “PIZZA” The Action!

Mealtime can look different depending on who is there, where you are, and what you are having. A familiar meal, near and dear to me, is sharing Chicago- Style Deep Dish pizza with students, friends, co-workers, clients, and family members.  Although I am no chef, I...

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Setting Goals 101

Do you have difficulty setting goals for yourself? Or, if you manage to set goals, do you then struggle to meet those goals? If you answered YES to either of these questions, you are not alone. I’ve been trying to lose weight and live healthier for like the past 10...

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