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How do I get my 24 hours of Safety-Care Training in?

By Kayce Nagel
June 8, 2021
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Safety-Care trainers are expected to do 24 hours of trainer per year. If they fail to do so, they are required to participate in an additional online supplemental webinar with a master trainer. This supplemental has a separate fee and must be completed either before recertification or within 1 month following their recertification class. If a trainer fails to complete a supplemental training, they may not train unless they are co-training with a fully certified Safety-Care trainer. 

So, you may be asking yourself… how do I make sure I get 24 hours in?! Many trainers who do not meet their 24-hour requirement might actually have met the requirement but do not know all of the activities that count towards their hour requirement. Below is a list of activities for trainers to help ensure you get your hours in before your annual recertification.

  • Co-Training – All Trainers get the Hours! When conducting a Safety-Care training with one or more other trainers you each receive the hours for that training regardless of what training it is (e.g., core curriculum, advanced skills, school-aged children, etc). Up to 3 trainers can get credit for a class of up to 10 trainees and 4 trainers can get credit for a class of 11-20 trainees.
  • Conducting Review to Prepare for a Training If you haven’t trained in a while, are nervous to train, teaching advanced modules for the first time, or just like to review before training with staff that are certified in Safety-Care, prep activities that you do with certified trainers or specialists counts towards your hours. Specifically, the items that would count towards the 24-hour requirement are as follows: physically practicing procedures, discussing competency examples, practicing competency checks for both verbal and physical competencies. Some items that would not count towards your hours included in prepping would be reading manuals by yourself, printing out manuals, reserving a training space, scheduling, identifying which trainees will attend the class, or dividing up the content among trainers scheduled to co-train. A reminder that practice sessions can be done for any amount of time, from a quick 10-minute review of one specific concept to an extended role-play session. Since staff participating in practice sessions are already certified specialists, there is no limit on the number of participants. Record these sessions in the “Other Training Activities” tab in Trainer Connect.
  • Review Sessions with Specialists Some organizations may have staff who use specific Safety-Care procedures every single day with individuals who engage in higher intensity behaviors. These staff members need to be fluent and may need to feel extra confident in performing certain skills such as physical management. If this is the case, fluency and accuracy are crucial in maintaining safety for both the individual but also staff members. Time spent conducting review sessions to increase fluency and correct procedural mistakes outside of initial or recertification trainings count towards your hours! Record these sessions in the “Other Training Activities” tab in Trainer Connect.
  • Staff Asking Safety-Care Related Questions Any time spent answering specialist or trainer questions regarding specific Safety-Care procedures may be counted towards your hours. For example, if a specialist found themselves in an escalated incident with an individual that they thought could have been avoided by intervening earlier and asked for your help as a trainer for procedures to deescalate the situation and use the least restrictive techniques, this discussion could be counted towards your training hours. Record these sessions in the “Other Training Activities” tab in Trainer Connect.
  • Supporting Newer Trainers A newer trainer might seek the advice and support of a veteran Safety-Care trainer at their organization prior to their first training session. A review session may be set up between these two trainers to review procedures, practice competencies checks, and set up/run role-play sessions. This review session may count towards the 24-hour requirement for both trainers. Record these sessions in the “Other Training Activities” tab in Trainer Connect.
  • Debrief Sessions Following an escalated incident, your organization might find it applicable to conduct a debrief session. During this meeting, if you as a Safety-Care trainer discuss with co-workers who are currently certified in Safety-Care about specific procedures used, what procedures could have been used, procedures that were performed correctly/incorrectly, safety habits (e.g., safe positioning, Elbow Check, responding to triggers or signals), show variations of a procedure that would be more effective, or any other review/practice of Safety-Care procedure deems this discussion as time towards your 24-hour requirement. Record the time spent in the above activities in the “Other Training Activities” tab in Trainer Connect.

In summary, any time a trainer spends teaching initial or recertification classes in the core curriculum or advanced modules, as well as any time conducting review, practice, or remediation sessions with staff who are currently certified in Safety-Care counts toward the annual training hours. If you work for a small organization, don’t conduct many trainings per year, or just forget to log in hours outside of training, use these tips to ensure you meet the 24-hour requirement. If you find yourself unsure if a specific situation counts towards your hours, feel free to reach out to us here at QBS, we’d be happy to help!

Summary of Resources QBS offers its customers

Here at QBS, we want to support our trainers and specialists as much as we can. Below is a collective list of different resources we provide for both trainers and specialists.

Telephone Support/Email Support

Call our office at (855) 727-6246 weekdays between 9 am-5 pm Eastern time (or leave a message) and ask to set up a time to speak with a Safety-Care master trainer. You can also send an email to info@qbs.com. Describe your question or concern in the body of the email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Feel to reach out for anything from trainer connect issues, compliance standards questions, procedure questions, to advice on specific escalated situations.

Live Chat Support

Have a quick question while browsing our website? You’re in luck! The live chat you see as your scrolling our website sends your question right to an employee at QBS. We will be able to answer your question or transfer you to a person who can. Easy as that!

Social Media

We can be found on social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We often provide periodic tips, suggestions, new blog topics, and other information over social media. Our YouTube (QBS, Inc.) provides our customers with an abundance of information involving safety care and other interesting topics.

Blog Posts

We post various blogs post on various topics like community, crisis prevention, among many others! These posts are for our customers to have resources provided to them on a monthly or weekly basis.


We are continuously updating our COVID-19 regulations available on our website. These standards include information on, how to conduct remote trainings, the current grace period, how to maintain skills during this time, how to modify in-person trainings, and FAQs.

Trainer Connect

Trainers with access to trainer connect have an abundance of resources at their fingertips. Trainer Connect is where trainers record their trainings. It also allows you to pull reports of specialists and trainers which shows when each person's certification is expiring. There are also videos available of all procedures in the Safety-Care curriculums. These videos do not have any audio and are only a few seconds in duration. Another resource on Trainer Connect is recordings of previous Safety-Care Live for Trainer webinars.


We also offer expert paid consultation services to organizations seeking assistance in a number of areas, including the adaptation of the Safety-Care curriculum to specific behavioral challenges or clinical settings. If you are interested or would like more information please email  info@qbs.com or call our office at (855) 727-6246.

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