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Crisis Prevention

Safety-Care ® Is So Much More Than Crisis Prevention

The words ‘Crisis Prevention’ and ‘Crisis Management’ in education, healthcare, and other human service areas have come to denote a genre of training programs with basically two goals: To prevent challenging behaviors from starting, and to manage them (restraint) once they occur. But there is something missing from this equation. What about changing the behavior of the individual? What about teaching new, more acceptable, replacement behaviors, or, better yet, functionally equivalent behaviors. Most crisis prevention and crisis management programs have considered behavior change outside the realm of these training programs… something for other professionals to handle through other means.

Well, that just doesn’t make sense! The best way to prevent challenging behaviors from occurring is to teach more acceptable ways to generate a change in the environment – a change usually accomplished through challenging behaviors. Challenging behaviors serve a purpose, a function, and an outcome – to change the current situation. To simply try to prevent challenging behaviors from occurring, or, worse yet, redirecting, setting limits or ultimatums, and then using restraint, is a guarantee that, although they may be stopped in that instance, the behavior will occur again. Most crisis prevention courses do exactly that, preventing or stopping, but failing to teach anything.

Not anymore! Safety-Care is a different kind of crisis prevention and crisis management program. Instead of focusing on redirection, limit setting, and other power struggle tactics, Safety-Care takes a completely different approach – to teach or train an alternative way to achieve the same outcome. We do this by training your staff in some of the best, evidence-based, reinforcement behavior change strategies available. From beginning to end, your staff are learning not just how to prevent behavioral challenges, or manage them if necessary, but to change behavior! In fact, one of the first skills, or competencies, your staff will learn is how to Differentially Reinforce other, more acceptable behaviors. And that’s just the start. Throughout Safety-Care training, staff are immersed in learning numerous behavior change strategies including Differential Reinforcement, Behavioral Momentum, Shaping, and others.

That is what true crisis prevention is all about! Your staff learn some of the most applicable, evidence-based, humane reinforcement strategies.

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Safety-Care is redefining what crisis prevention and crisis management should be!
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