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Safety Care®

Do you and your staff work in a hands-on setting where you find yourself managing challenging behaviors? Safety-Care training could be the right fit for you!

Safety Care Behavioral Safety Training program provides the skills and competencies necessary to effectively prevent, minimize, and manage behavioral challenges with dignity, safety, and the possibility of change.


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Geri Care®

Geri-Care gives staff members the tools they need to not only prevent and manage challenging behaviors, but also to effectively replace these behaviors with more functional ones.

Geri-Care can help.  Geri-Care is a unique crisis prevention training program designed for use by staff working with geriatrics, medically-fragile, or others for whom special care must be taken when preventing and managing behavioral challenges.


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Quality Behavioral Competencies®

Innovative self-paced training courses that provide organizations with an incredibly efficient way to improve staff behavioral teaching skills.

All QBCs are based on extensive applied research in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. These skills are of incredible value in improving staff effectiveness when working with a wide range of populations, including special education, geriatrics, brain injuries, psychiatric conditions, and developmental disabilities.


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