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Quality Behavioral Competencies™

Quality Behavioral Competencies™ (QBC’s) Coach Training is an innovative self-paced training course that provides organizations with an efficient way to improve staff behavioral teaching skills. Written in simple, easy to understand language, each training module is focused on a specific functional skill, such as reinforcement, therapeutic instruction, or behavioral momentum. This 2-day Coach Training course prepares QBC Coaches to deliver the QBC program in either classroom, PSI (self-paced), or hybrid methods.

All QBCs are based on extensive research in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. These skills are valuable in improving staff effectiveness when working specific populations, including special education, geriatrics, neurological injuries, psychiatric conditions, and developmental disabilities.

Efficient, Competency-Based Staff Training

  • Staff can learn and be tested at their own pace.
  • Training can be done in or outside of classroom setting.
  • Staff members can be trained and certified as Competency Coaches, allowing them to teach and test the competency of other staff.
  • Training focuses on critical, evidence-based behavioral skills, without unnecessary theory or jargon.

Flexible Training System

When one or more members of your staff have been trained as QBC trainers, they can provide training to staff using either of these two approaches:

Classroom Instruction: Staff are trained in groups using a traditional adult learner model. Staff progress together through each module, until they demonstrate competency according to the training criteria. All modules can be taught in a single classroom day or broken up into smaller sessions.

Self-Paced Instruction: Trainers can also use an innovative self-paced instruction program allowing staff members to work through modules at their own pace and then work with a trainer to solidify the skill, demonstrate mastery of the material, and practice the skill in real-world situations.

Each class may have up to 15 participants who will be trained as Competency Coaches in the QBC Basic Series. These Coaches will then train additional staff in your organization. We provide onsite training at your facility, or you can sign up to attend an open session at our training center in North Attleboro, MA.

In addition to the training services, QBS also provides the following materials and services:

Trainer Manuals: Each participant receives a QBC Certification Trainer Manual.
QBC Certificate: Participants successfully completing the course receive a certificate reflecting their Certified QBC training.
Phone Consultation: A Master QBC Trainer is available to answer questions during the first three months after training.

To view an example of the QBCs curriculum, please click here.

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